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SingHealth Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory Medicine at a Glance

Respiratory Medicine is a fascinating specialty that spans the spectrum of Internal Medicine – from hands on, interventional pulmonology, to immunology, and asthma, to interstitial lung disease. We manage not just the organs that regulate every waking breath, but also delve into the mysteries of sleep. In the intensive care unit, we manage patients on the brink of life and death as well.

If you enjoy hands-on procedures, clinical problem solving, the intellectual stimulus
of learning and understanding pulmonary physiology, as well as the challenges of
translational clinical work involved in asthma and interstitial lung disease work, this is the specialty for you.

A Word from Our Program Director

As the nation’s largest and leading healthcare cluster, SingHealth offers the most number of clinical subspecialties plus an unrivalled range of case-mix.

Our Program is rigorous and dynamic, and builds on our clinical strengths and pervasive teaching culture. We aim to equip every Senior Resident with the medical knowledge, skills, attitude and competency to be an outstanding and caring Respiratory specialist.

Along with my team of dedicated faculty, I invite you to share our mission to provide high quality and cutting edge clinical care to ensure the best outcome for our patients. I wish you the very best in your pursuit of medical education.


Dr Ong Thun How
Senior Consultant, Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
Singapore General Hospital.

Why SingHealth Respiratory Medicine?

Most Comprehensive Training in Respiratory Medicine

SingHealth’s three-year Respiratory Medicine Senior Residency Program gives you the most comprehensive, supervised training in the specialty as you gain exposure to the full breadth and depth of Respiratory Medicine.

Most of your training will take place at Singapore General Hospital and at a participating site, Changi General Hospital.

You will have the opportunity to participate in inpatient and outpatient clinical care and undergo rotations to the intensive care unit, pulmonary function laboratory, bronchoscopy suite and sleep medicine laboratory.

You will also be exposed to subspecialty clinics, such as difficult asthma clinic, interstitial lung disease clinic, non-invasive ventilation clinic, lung transplant clinic and occupational lung disease clinic.

Experienced and Committed Faculty

SingHealth is home to some of the most respected clinicians and best teachers in Respiratory Medicine. Our dedicated and experienced teaching faculty, together with the breadth and depth of specialties at SingHealth, makes us the ideal training institute for aspiring respiratory physicians.

Range of Learning Opportunities

With competency-based, structured assessments and regular feedback by mentors on your progress, you would be well-equipped to learn more effectively. You can also gain access to research opportunities to pursue your field of interest and attend educational conferences to broaden your clinical knowledge.

Our Curriculum

The training curriculum comprises an excellent mix of clinical activities, didactic educational activities and research opportunities.

In addition to an excellent range of clinical experiences on the wards, our Senior Residents are rotated to specific subspecialty clinics in SGH which will ensure an enriching exposure to the rich array of respiratory subspecialties such as sleep medicine, interstitial lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, difficult asthma and COPD.

All Senior Residents will receive training in basic bronchoscopy and are expected to complete 100 scopes before the end of the second year of training. You will also receive instructions in more advanced bronchoscopic techniques such as endobronchial ultrasound and thoracoscopy, and will also have exposure to interventional bronchoscopy.

Senior Residents will spend two months every year in intensive care training (a total of six months out of three years). For those pursuing a full intensive care accreditation, you will be required to spend an additional six months of ICU training after the three years of training.

All Senior Residents will embark on at least one research project, and are expected to have at least one publication prior to exit. In the third year, you will have the option to pursue an elective subspecialty rotation, for example, further exposure to Sleep Medicine or a subspecialty of Respiratory Medicine.

Career Tracks

Embark on your lifelong career in Medicine at SingHealth by choosing a career track which best suits your strengths and interests.

SingHealth offers 4 career tracks on completion of advanced speciality training -Clinician Practitioner, Clinician Educator, Clinician Researcher and Clinician Administrator. As you grow your specialist career in Medicine Academic Clinical Program (ACP), you will find a myriad of opportunities available in the areas of education and research.

The ACP is a cluster-wide framework for all clinical specialties to advance in Academic Medicine with resources and funding support from SingHealth and Duke-NUS. Each ACP is designed based on a clinical discipline and brings together all specialists in the discipline across various institutions for greater synergies in clinical care, education and research.

The SingHealth Respiratory Medicine Senior Residency Program is your foundation to a promising career as a respiratory specialist.

You can choose to become an excellent clinician, a quality educator or a pioneering researcher. You also have the option to pursue a subspecialty field of respiratory medicine or work in some of its related subspecialties, such as sleep medicine or intensive care medicine, by undergoing further training after completion of your respiratory medicine training.


Program Director

Dr Ong Thun How, Program Director, Respiratory Medicine, SingHealth Residency Senior Residency Program

Senior Consultant, Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Singapore General Hospital


Physician Faculty


Contact Details

Email: ong.thun.how@singhealth.com.sg


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