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SingHealth Renal Medicine

Renal Medicine at a Glance

Renal Medicine or Nephrology manages the care of patients with varying stages of kidney disease of different etiologies. It is one of the most challenging and rewarding specialties for a few reasons:

1.     It is the only specialty that sustains life in the presence of a failed organ (through dialysis) and provides a new lease of life through organ transplant.

2.     Nephrologists are trained to deal with a wide range of medical conditions, including critical medicine, transplantation, vascular access and dialysis treatment. As a result, they have a wide range of expertise, and are able to handle medical (acute and chronic), surgical and technical issues.

3.     As Nephrology is nearly all encompassing, there is a great potential for both clinical and basic science research, as well as technological development.

We are looking for candidates who are motivated, compassionate, and have a keen understanding of past and current health industry perspectives. You should be a team player and an excellent communicator.

If you have completed the Year 3 Residency Program, BST core postings and ABIM and have passed MRCP, we welcome you to join the Renal Medicine Senior Residency Program

A Word from Our Program Director  

The SingHealth Renal Medicine Medical Senior Residency Program aims to produce nephrologists who are professionals, competent, compassionate and continuously updating themselves through life-long learning.


With the Singapore General Hospital gearing towards the development of medical academia, our focus is not only on medical training but also on education and research.


That is why, the first two years of our program will cover core curriculum and competencies, while the last year of training offers you the flexibility to choose your electives, further your research in the chosen field or take part in subspecialty training, such as palliation in nephrology or interventional nephrology.


A key aspect of our program is professional development. It is our hope that our trainees can continue to cultivate lifelong learning for the benefit of patient care and the advancement of medical science. Hence, we not only share valuable knowledge and experience with our trainees, we also impart good ethical values which will stand them in good stead in their future career. The department is active in research the field of health service, clinical and medical device; and has collaboration with Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore, Temasek Polytechnic, Nanyang Technological University and other education institutions.


I hope you will join the SingHealth Nephrology family and discover for yourselves the potential that the program offers.


Why SingHealth Renal Medicine?

Structured and Comprehensive Training

The Nephrology Senior Residency Program is well-structured to meet the goals of each trainee and is focused on developing core competencies in clinical nephrology, transplantation, hypertension, dialysis, and clinical and basic science research.

All senior residents will complete one year of clinical nephrology and two years of core Nephrology training, which includes transplant, dialysis and research. In your third year, you can pursue optional elective postings in your choice of subspecialty.

In addition, the Program is highly regarded in the region for its focus on long term outcomes in both dialysis and transplantation.

Birthplace of Renal Medicine - Breadth and Depth of Case-Mix

Singapore General Hospital is the birthplace of Nephrology in Singapore. As one of the largest tertiary hospitals, we manage a wide range of kidney diseases, ranging from the usual to the very rare. Thus, training with and working at SingHealth will give you unparalleled exposure to patients with diverse conditions and cases, and help you advance your career in Renal Medicine.

Passionate and Dedicated Renal Medicine Faculty

Our team of highly passionate and dedicated clinician-teachers have received national awards for teaching. Many of them are regionally and internationally renowned experts in the field, so you will be learning from the best in Renal Medicine.

Access to Research Opportunities

Our department has a long and active history of research in glomerulonephritis, dialysis / critical care nephrology and more recently transplant immunology. We also collaborate with Dukes-NUS for clinical and basic science research. This means you will have access to some of the best research opportunities, as well as research guidance.

Our Curriculum

Training for the SingHealth Renal Medicine Senior Residency Program will take place at the Singapore General Hospital and Changi General Hospital.

The two-years rotation will cover the core curriculum and include acute and chronic dialysis (hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis), general nephrology and transplantation.

There will be opportunities for you to work at General Nephrology clinics with subspecialty interest, such as lupus and diabetes. Pick up valuable experience on how to ensure seamless and holistic patient care. In Year 2 and 3, you will take on important supervisory roles and help guide junior trainees.


The Program also offers a clinician-scientist track, where you can opt for a three-year clinical program with an additional year in research.

Career Tracks

Embark on your lifelong career in Medicine at SingHealth by choosing a career track which best suits your strengths and interests.

We offer 4 career tracks - Clinician Practitioner, Clinician Educator, Clinician Researcher and Clinician Administrator. As you grow your specialist career in Medicine ACP, you will find a myriad of opportunities available in the areas of education and research.

On completion of the Renal Medicine Senior Residency Program and upon passing an exit exam, you can obtain specialist registration with the Singapore Medical Council and practice as a nephrologist in Singapore.


Program Director

Dr Jason Choo, Program Director, Renal Medicine, SingHealth Residency Senior Residency Program
Senior Consultant, Department of Renal Medicine, Singapore General Hospital

Physician Faculty


Contact Details

Email: jason.choo@sgh.com.sg


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