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SingHealth Neurology

Neurology at a Glance

The Neurology Senior Residency Program at SingHealth aims to nurture the next generation of neurologists to become excellent clinicians, educators, and scientists.  

We are seeking trainees who demonstrate dedication, intellectual inquisitiveness and professional responsibility. You should be an advocate for your patients, work closely with your team members, and provide humanistic care of the highest professional and ethical standards.

If being part of an evolving specialty with huge potential for future discovery excites you, read on to find out more.

A Word from Our Program Directors

Congratulations for making it this far in your medical career and thank you for your interest in the Neurology Senior Residency Program at SingHealth.

Neurology is, in our opinion, the most interesting medical specialty that embodies being a true clinician. A good Neurologist is a top diagnostician who can solve a clinical puzzle through good history-taking, skilled examination and appropriate interpretation of modern diagnostic tests and neuroimaging. We often encounter rare and exciting conditions which are challenging to diagnose and manage.

That’s why most people who go into Neurology describe themselves as analytical problem-solvers who enjoy learning about the subject and the complexity of the brain and nervous system. Others find satisfaction in localizing lesions to a part of the central and/or peripheral nervous system.

Here at our Program, we aim to provide every resident with comprehensive training in Neurology to prepare him or her for a successful career, whether it is at an academic institution or general Neurology practice.

We hope the information in this brochure will pique your interest in Neurology and encourage you to find out more about our Program. We look forward to welcoming you to the Neurology Senior Residency Program family.


Dr Wahab Syed Shahul Hameed
Program Director & Senior Consultant
(NNI SGH campus) 
Dementia & Neurobehaviour, Sleep Disorders

Assoc Prof Kevin Tan
Program Director & Consultant
(NNI TTSH campus)


Why SingHealth Neurology?

Evolving Specialty that Transforms Lives

Neurology is an evolving specialty with huge potential. Modern technologies and novel research in the last few decades have provided new insights into the mysteries of the nervous system. We now have a better understanding of the mechanisms of neurological diseases, and these insights have led to better diagnostic tests and more effective therapeutic options.

Today, we are able to treat more neurological conditions than ever before and transform previously devastating disorders into manageable ones. We can now cure some neurological diseases and improve the functional outcomes and quality of lives of our patients.

Leading Neurology Teaching and Research Centre

You will train at the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) – the largest Neurology teaching, research and healthcare provider in Singapore, and one of the finest regionally.

With our large pool of clinicians in two campuses (SGH and TTSH), NNI provides neurology services not only to SGH and TTSH but also to CGH, KTPH and also the future Sengkang Hospital.

We also provide tertiary care to regional patients regularly. Our diverse patient population provides ample opportunities for trainees to manage the entire spectrum of neurological disorders.

Committed and Internationally Recognised Faculty

Our faculty members are a diverse group of clinicians, scientists and educators who take pride in helping our Neurology trainees gain the skills required to become master clinicians and critical thinkers.

We are well-represented across the subspecialties of Neurology and are actively engaged in the clinical management of patients, teaching medical students and residents as well as clinical and translational research. Our internationally-recognised staffs provide mentorship to trainees to help them develop fulfilling and successful careers.

The quality relationships and strong camaraderie in our department means that trainees and faculty work hand-in-hand in patient care, teaching, and research, and enjoy lively interactions, both at work and leisure.

Structured but Flexible Program

We offer a comprehensive, structured, yet flexible program that provides diverse clinical experiences in order to meet the career goals of each individual.

The program is based on a competency framework with clear milestones. You will be trained to fulfill these seven major physician roles: medical expert, communicator, collaborator, manager, health advocate, scholar, and professional.

Our Curriculum

The Neurology Senior Residency Program at SingHealth is a three-year training program. Harnessing the strengths of our large number of patients and staff in both the TTSH & SGH campuses, we have two Senior Residency programs at NNI-TTSH and NI-SGH, with senior residency positions available at both campuses. You can apply to either campus.

Each campus has a Program Director (PD) that oversees Senior Residency training in that campus. In addition, each campus also has an ACP Vice-Chair (Education) who oversees the PD and the program to ensure training and learning objectives are achieved.

At each campus, neurology trainees will receive training in both inpatient and outpatient settings over three years. You will be given opportunities for rotations at inpatient and outpatient clinics, and take on neurodiagnostic laboratory training, neurology subspecialty and elective postings.

You can expect structured teaching through teaching rounds and activities, Journal Clubs and Grand Round presentations. You will also be encouraged to participate in research, educational and quality initiatives as part of the holistic training for medical practitioners.

To help you achieve your learning milestones and master the necessary competencies, we offer regular assessments, evaluations, feedback and individualised progression plans.

Career Tracks

Upon completion of your Neurology training, residents can either join our institute as a staff member or other local / overseas medical institutes to pursue their niche in clinical, academic or research work.

We offer 4 career tracks - Clinician Practitioner, Clinician Educator, Clinician Researcher and Clinician Administrator. As you grow your specialist career in Neuroscience Academic Clinical Program (ACP), you will find a myriad of opportunities available in the areas of education and research to suit your strengths and interests.

The ACP is a cluster-wide framework for all clinical specialties to advance in Academic Medicine with resources and funding support from SingHealth and Duke-NUS. Each ACP is designed based on a clinical discipline and brings together all specialists in the discipline across various institutions for greater synergies in clinical care, education and research.


Program Director

Dr Wahab Syed Shahul Hameed, Program Director, Neurology, SingHealth Senior Residency Program, Senior Consultant, Neurology (SGH campus), Dementia & Neurobehaviour, Sleep Disorders National Neuroscience Institute
Tel: +65 6326 5003
Email: shahul.hameed@singhealth.com.sg

Assoc Prof Kevin Tan, Program Director, Neurology, SingHealth Senior Residency Program
Consultant, Neurology (TTSH Campus), Neuroimmunology, National Neuroscience Institute
Tel: +65 63577171
Fax: +65 63577137
Email: kevin.tan@singhealth.com.sg


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