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Resident Affairs
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  Resident Affairs

Office of Resident Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Resident Affairs (ORA)!

We know how hard our SingHealth Residents work to give patients the best possible care. That’s why, here at ORA, our job is to look after the welfare of every Resident as you progress in your Residency journey.

While we certainly can’t manage your patients or take your specialty exams for you, you can be sure we will try our best to help you enjoy a well-balanced Residency experience.

Besides organizing regular Residents' Committee meetings with our Residents to discuss upcoming plans and activities for the SingHealth Residency program, we also support our Residents' educational and social activities.


Our Mission 

To offer Residents access to a wide range of program resources and support, education and professional activities; so that every SingHealth Resident can enjoy a healthy and safe work environment and an enriching learning and social experience.

Our main areas of focus include:

1. Promoting a safe and conducive learning environment.

2. Providing resources and services to support educational and social activities.

3. Managing Resident appreciation events.

4. Managing the recruitment of Residents.


Our Services

 - Residents Events & Activities

 - Supplementary Resident Training Fund


The SingHealth Residency Commitment


1. Educational & Work Environment

We aim to build an educational and conducive work environment in which Residents may raise and resolve issues without fear of intimidation or retaliation. Hence we have:

1. An office dedicated to attending to Resident affairs;

2. A Forum for Residents to communicate and exchange information on their educational and work environment; and

3. A process which allows Residents’ concerns to be addressed in a confidential and protected manner.


2. Program Resources and Support

SingHealth will dedicate sufficient institutional resources to ensure the effective implementation and support of our Residency programs in compliance with ACGME-I Institutional, Foundational and Advanced Specialty / Subspecialty Program requirements.


1.      1. All Faculty and Residents will have ready access to adequate communication resources and technology support.


2.       2.  All Residents will have ready access to specialty / subspecialty and other appropriate reference material in print or electronic format, including electronic medical literature databases with search capabilities.


3. Educational and Professional Activities

SingHealth will ensure that each program provides effective educational experiences for Residents and fulfils measurable educational outcomes in the ACGME-I competencies, as outlined in the Foundational and Advanced Specialty-Specific Program requirements.


1    1. Residents are given opportunities to participate on committees and councils which impact their education and / or patient care; and


2    2. Residents are given opportunities to take part in an educational program regarding physician impairment, including substance abuse and sleep deprivation.


4. Health and Safety

SingHealth aims to provide a healthy and safe work environment for all Residents. This includes providing:

1      1. Food services: Residents will have access to appropriate food services 24 hours a day while on duty at all institutions.


         2.   Call rooms: Residents on call will be given adequate and appropriate sleeping quarters that are safe, quiet, and private.


         3. Security / Safety: Appropriate security and personal safety measures will be put in place at all locations including, but not limited to: parking facilities, on-call quarters, hospital and institutional grounds, and related facilities.


Contact ORA

Office of Resident Affairs
Ms Tan Fay-Ann (Manager, Office of Resident Affairs)
Tel: 6557 6744

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